About Us

Turan Zirai Ürünleri

In 1984 we started our activity by establishing TURAN PULSARI in order to present the most suitable goods directly to the consumer in the field of PULSES.

Countries we work; China, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhistan

Pulses Products ; lentil, chickpea, chickpea, pea, findings, barley, wheat, beans

After reaching our target in a short time, after 1995 TURAN ZIRAI PRODUCTS SAN. VE TİC. LTD. We expanded our field of activity by establishing ŞTİ. We also provide services with the liaison offices we have opened abroad as well as the contacts we have made.

Our Mission

To provide the best products to our customers who are in demand from abroad and to provide them with high quality and health standards.

Our Vision

As a company preferred in all pulses and cereals products, to make indispensable collaborations.